What you can do to contribute towards your employees wellbeing

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Happier and healthier employees are shown to regularly outperform those who are in organisations which do not promote health and wellbeing.

I am sure you’ve all seen the studies out there proving that when employers contribute towards their staff’s wellbeing, productivity drives up, absenteeism decreases, and staff turnover reduces. The price it may cost to contribute towards staff well-being is easily paid back with the rewarding outcomes that it provides.

There are many measures you can implement that are very straight forward, low cost and easy to put into place. However, it is important to note that overall management style and communication will have an impact on how successful the advice below is. Employees need to feel that they can trust their employer and have an open and honest relationship with them without it effecting their future career.

Check in & listen

This might seem like something very small, but it is very easy for us to say, “how are you” to an employee, and when they answer, “yeah fine, you?”, you assume that everything is actually fine.

Perhaps once a week, sit down with your employees 1-1 and ask them how they are really doing. How is home life? Are you looking to develop any skills? Is there anything that you would like help with? Any concerns or anxieties you would like to share?

When they respond to any of the above questions, listen very carefully to what their answer is, and do what you can do help that individual. Whether it is something simple such as helping them find the right personal development book or something more serious such as helping them to source mental health support.

Once you start having these types of conversations with your employees, a more open and honest relationship will naturally develop. These conversations will also help you understand if there are reasons behind why an employee’s productivity or motivation might be lower than usual, as they might be going through something challenging that they need support with.

Provide support

There are a lot of recourses out there that you can utilise to help you support your employees. If you are within the event industry, check out EventWell. It is an awesome charity that we do a lot of work with. The resources they have available is incredible and is something that you can connect your staff with, make them aware that this charity exists. They can also give you mental health first aid training, which as an employer is invaluable.

We are hosting wellbeing Q&A webinars on a regular basis, with our next one being hosted on the 23rd April, you can see details here. Why not pass any open wellbeing webinar information onto your employees to encourage them to register. You could also consider having a talk or workshop with your employees, within the subject of wellbeing.

Of course, our biggest recommendation for providing wellbeing support to your employees would be our Event Professionals Journal. Many event companies have been supplying this to their employees, to show that they are thinking about their staff’s wellbeing and providing them with a tool that they can use every day to help themselves, and to also notice any red flags. There are bespoke options available for large companies, as well as discount options for orders over 6. Please contact us to find out more if this is of interest!

If there is something specific that an employee is struggling with, such as a personal trauma, if they would like your help you can help them source the relevant support. If they are worried about their career path, you could help them to put a clear plan in place and help them to achieve their goals.

Final thoughts

There is, of course, more that you can do and further resources out there, for example providing gym memberships to your employees. If you would like to chat about the subject of contributing to your staff’s wellbeing or have any questions, please email and I will come back to you as soon as I can.

“Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business”

Richard Branson

Take care,

Bernadette, founder of Event Professionals Journal

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