Wellbeing and working from home

Working from home every day of the week presents a new challenge to an odd day here and there. There is a very positive side to working from home, however it can lead to us feeling isolated and unproductive.

This blog will explore the positive and negative impacts that working from home can have on your wellbeing, as well as providing you with some helpful tips to look after yourself.

The benefits of working from home

  • Time for health, mental health and wellbeing to become more of a focus

  • You can create your own routine that you know works best for you! Work when you know you are most productive, do stress management practises when you wish to, increase your movement with stretching or yoga and meditate at anytime you want

  • You get to save time on the commute to work, allowing more time for your tea and coffee in the morning, breakfast with your loved ones, completing your Event Professionals Journal and mindfulness or meditation to get your mind ready for the day ahead – without any need to rush!

  • Have your working environment exactly as you want and feel most comfortable in. You can blare the music as loud as you can get it, switch up locations from the desk to the beanbag to the floor, and stay in your comfy clothes should you wish to!

  • No office distractions (unless you have little ones who you are currently having to home school due to COVID-19). You can get your head down and get all of those to do lists completed without having co-workers coming over for chats, meaning you have accomplished more by the time 5pm hits

  • Balance other needs easier, such as spending time with loved ones, picking your children up from school, making a fresh homecooked dinner, or catching up on the rest that you might need

The disadvantages of working from home

  • Lack of willpower - this can be the toughest one to overcome! It can be hard to still get out of bed at the time that your alarm goes off, to stay in front of your laptop for the normal amount of working hours per day and to not get distracted by all of those TV shows you want to binge watch

  • Feeling lonely. It can be hard not to see your co-workers and clients every day, or at least a few times a week. You can become to feel isolated, which can be more present in those that live on their own

  • Judging yourself and the feeling of guilt that you put on yourself when you are struggling with motivation. We tend to be hard on ourselves if we don’t want to work, want to stay in our PJs and shut ourselves off to the world. Don’t judge yourself for the way that you feel!

  • Fatigue leading to the desire to nap! The lack of fresh air, the energy that the office environment provides can have an impact on the buzz and energy that you feel, leading you straight back up to bed and enjoying a power nap.

  • Frustration that you can’t just go and ask a co-worker for an answer, approval or their feedback. You have to wait for them to respond to your message, which can then affect how you can work through your to do list.

Helpful wellbeing tips!

  • The feeling that we don’t have purpose can have damaging effects on how we feel. So how do we gain purpose when working from home? Ensure that you still celebrate achievements which can be anything from getting your to do list done, overcoming a hurdle, or still working all day if you have struggled with motivation. The Event Professionals Journal makes sure that you still celebrate your achievements as I know that this has a huge positive impact on your wellbeing

  • Remain connected with your co-workers, clients, friends and family. It can be very easy to shut ourselves off to the world, especially if we are struggling with our mental health. Make an effort to reach out to people and have a quick catch up

  • Hold yourself accountable and if this doesn’t work for you then have others hold you accountable. Have at least one key thing that you want to complete that day, the thing that will make you feel rubbish by the end of the day if you have not done it. Write it down or tell someone that you know what it is you want to achieve and have them check in with you before the end of your working day to see if you have achieved it. There is a section within the Event Professionals Journal every day that asks you this very question to keep you accountable to yourself.

  • And of course, the Event Professionals Journal. I designed it to help with general wellbeing, work life balance, celebrating success and keeping on top of your mood. You can view it here.

I hope you’ve found this blog useful and it’s provided some helpful advice. If you have any questions, please email and I will come back to you as soon as I can.

Take care,

Bernadette, founder of Event Professionals Journal

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