The benefits of talking

Talking about your emotions and feelings can help you to stay on top of your wellbeing and enables you to better deal with situations due to the clarity it provides.

Talking usually leads to the feeling of relief. I am sure you have found that after you discuss something that seems complicated or challenging in your mind, you feel much better after having a good chat with someone. Things become clearer and the action path is usually formed.

Getting over the fear of talking

Opening up to people can make us feel very vulnerable and promotes a fear within us that we might be seen as being weak. Get that out of your head! It Is taking charge, gaining control, showing strength and reminds people that you are putting your wellbeing first.

If you are not used to opening up and talking to people about your feelings or ideas, it may feel awkward for you to begin with. If this is the case, talk to someone you know and trust and explain to them how you are feeling. You don’t need to sit everyone down and have a formal conversation if you don’t want to, you can mention what you would like to talk about during a conversation and it will naturally lead to into a helpful discussion.

It can be a very challenging thing to explain how you’re feeling. If this is the case, perhaps get a piece of paper and note down the first things that come to your head. If you can’t establish how you feel, that’s fine too. You can say that out loud – people will understand. Perhaps instead consider what you feel like doing, are you wanting to scream, cry, shout, laugh?

Bouncing ideas

Have you ever felt when you get into a conversation with the right person, the ideas you have in your head become better evolved and even more come to the top of your head?

The wellbeing benefits of this is huge. You feel incredibly motivated, supported and excited.

Talking through an idea is always a good thing to do. Parts of the idea that you had not thought of yet will come to the surface which minimises future mistakes.

It is always useful to talk through ideas with others as they will usually be able to provide a “helicopter” view of the situation as they are not emotionally charged by it. This provides a much clearer view and can often help you set out an action plan.

It works both ways, If you open up then it is likely others will do the same.

A chat with me

I offer various phone call options which are structured around what you would like to gain out of it. The parts usually covered are:

· Gaining clarity and untangling thoughts

· Establishing where you want to be

· Blocks you are facing

· Goal setting

· Actions that need to be taken

· Accountability

If you would like to know more, please email me at

I hope you have enjoyed this blog. If you have any questions or thoughts please email and I will come back to you as soon as I can.

Take care,

Bernadette, founder of Event Professionals Journal

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