Supporting the event community during COVID-19

Updated: May 2, 2020

Have a read of our most recent blog exploring how you can adapt to the current situation, what you can do for fellow event profs, what we have implemented to help the Event Professionals community, and useful links.

Supporting the event community during COVID-19

What a challenging time it is for the events industry at the moment. With all of the contingency plans that we put in place for each event, no one could of seen or planned this coming. Luckily, most people are understanding of these exceptional circumstances, but this doesn’t make our jobs as event professionals any easier.

We are an enormous community of professionals and it has been incredible to see event profs come together, offer support and adapt.

I wanted to share with you some tips on how you can adapt to the current situation, what you can do to support other event profs, and what we as a business have done to help the event professionals community. At the bottom there are some useful links to websites that you may find helpful during these times.

How can you adapt to the current situation?

Working from home every day presents a new challenge to the one-off day here and there. Within a few days, we can feel isolated, unproductive and unclear on direction.

To prevent this from happening, have regular video calls with team members, family and friends to reduce the feeling of isolation. To assist with the feeling of accomplishment, hold yourself accountable for one key task to complete during the day. You can do this by simply writing it at the top of your to do list and celebrating once you tick it off, or perhaps telling someone within your household what you must achieve and have them hold you accountable.

Webinars have come to the forefront, with many event professionals using them as a way to stay connected to their teams, clients, and other event professionals. It provides a very uplifting environment, and we will be hosting some ourselves for fellow event profs so keep an eye out for those.

Working hours have naturally changed. We aren’t doing long commutes into work, workload is not as high, and some people have children so due to home schooling, cannot do their normal 9-5 job at the same time. Don’t feel guilty about having to work different hours, less hours,

and some days no hours. If you are not self-employed, have a very open communication with your manager to explain the situation. These are expectational circumstances at the moment, and the chances are your employer will understand as they are in the same situation.

What can you do for fellow event profs?

It has been incredible to see how the event community has come together. We are very lucky to be within a supportive industry. However, this doesn’t stop the challenges that we are all facing.

To help support and help other event professionals, reach out to them. Why not connect with them on LinkedIn and ask how they are doing? A lot of posts at the moment are asking for help and advice. Instead of scrolling past them, comment on them if you can offer any support with what they need assistance with. If you can offer in depth help, do so but only if you have the capacity yourself.

If you are having particular difficulties or are stuck, share them. Ask for help too!

What we have implemented to help the Event Professionals community

During these challenging times, we want the Event Professionals Journal to reach as many people as possible due to the proven positive impact on wellbeing that it has, which is now more important than ever.

Below is what we have implemented to enable the journal to reach as many event professionals as possible.

· 2 discount options

· Free UK shipping via 1st class service to make sure you get your journal as soon as possible


· Free 1 week sample with any order of a journal to gift to another colleague or friend in need

· If ordering multiple journals we can send them to multiple addresses due to working from home restrictions

The journal is a great tool to maintain your wellbeing during these times, hold yourself accountable, focus on yourself and reset. You can view the journal here.

Useful links

Below is a selection of useful links that we have pulled together.

Government COVID-19 advice

For all official advice from health through to financials.

NHS 111

If you feel you might have Coronovirus, this website allows you to do a symptom checker.


EventWell is a charity that supports the wellbeing of Event Professionals. 10% of purchases on our website that use code “Eventwell” on checkout go to the charity. They are running webinars and networking lunches/drinks to keep us all together as a community.

Conference News

Conference News are sending out daily updated on how COVID-19 is effecting the event industry. To keep up to date make sure you subscribe!

Mash Media Community

Mash Media has pulled together great resourced as well as open forums for event professionals.

IBTM Connect

IBTM have pulled together a fantastic resource for event professionals to connect, talk and learn. You can view it here.

I hope you’ve found this blog useful and it’s provided some helpful advice. If you have any questions, please email and I will come back to you as soon as I can.

Take care,


Founder of Event Professionals Journal

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