Let's take a deep dive look into the wellbeing of Event Professionals

Welcome back to one of our blogs! This one here is a quick read into looking into our industry and the results of a survey we carried out, that takes a deep dive into the wellbeing of event professionals and tips on how we can improve it.

Why did we carry this research out?

We wanted to understand the problems that our industry faces when it comes to wellbeing, so that we could establish how we can help.

The results are mixed, with some aspects being a lot better than we anticipated, but unfortunately there is some way still to go.

The Results

Let’s start with the good news first!

  • 76% feel that they are very aware of how they feel on a day to day basis. This is great news as it shows we are checking in with ourselves, taking a mental note of how we feel and what we might need to do for ourselves to improve our moods

  • 60% can easily communicate with others on how they are feeling. Although this isn’t as high of a percentage we would like to see, and something that we can then incorporate into the journal in future versions, it is still positive to see that 60% are open to communication and feel they have people around them to open up to. If you are within the 40% that can’t easily communicate with others, please contact Bernadette and she will happily offer advice on how you may be able to work towards becoming part of that 60%

Here are the points that we can work together to improve:

  • 79% feel overwhelmed by their workload. This is a common problem within our industry but something that we can improve. It is known that event professionals are, on average, only productive for 3-4 hours each day. If you can improve your productivity (which the journal does assist with, with an average increase of 22.5% each day), then you can achieve more work and therefore do not feel as overwhelmed

  • 69% cannot switch off from work whilst they are out of the office. We work in an industry with strict deadlines, and a fast-paced workflow, so of course it is difficult to let go of that and fully switch off. There are things that can help this, such as making clear boundaries between work and personal life and being extremely strict with yourself. Again, if you need help with this please contact Bernadette

  • 64% of often lose sleep due to work related pressures. As we all know, sleep is incredibly important when it comes to our health and mental wellbeing. Have a piece of paper next to your bed to write down all of those things that are spinning around in your head or send yourself email reminders – whatever works for you! Find a way to extract it from your head and into something that you can then pick it up the next day. Because of the way our brain works, we are much more likely to overthink and run around in brain circles towards the end of the day. Have you ever experienced the feeling of worrying about something in particular when going to sleep, and then you wake up and feel completely different about it? There is a chemical reaction in our brains that makes this happen. Take a read of the book “The Chimp Paradox” by Professor Steve Peters if you would like to learn more on this

  • 64% use negative coping strategies to deal with their stress (smoking, alcohol, drugs). Of course, we all have our own way of dealing with things, but this is one of the main reasons we created the journal, as it is a quick 2-3-minute thing each day that you complete just for you, that provides a much more positive response within the brain.

You can view the full report here

There are still improvements that can be made to the wellbeing of our industry and we will always adapt the journal along the way to ensure it is tackling the direct issues that event professionals face.

One additional service that we have added is a program directly with Bernadette, with various different levels of outcomes, length and personal needs. If you would like to find out more please email and Bernadette will come back to you as soon as possible!

Continue to take care of you! Ciao for now :)

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