How to plan your future during uncertain times

As event professionals, we love to be able to plan as much as possible and have clear structures in place…which is why a lot of us are struggling at the moment!

Unfortunately, we cannot plan the future in the way that we normally would as there is still a lot of uncertainty around what will be allowed, and when events can resume to normal. This blog explores how you can still plan your future.


The thoughts and ideas that are spinning around in our heads cause us to feel confused, overwhelmed and unclear. So how do we untangle all of these thoughts into an actionable plan to set out our future with uncertain times ahead?

Before you start with anything, sit down and really think about what it is you want your future to look like. The first section within the Event Professionals Journal (which can be viewed on the "Shop" tab of our website) focuses solely on this by allowing you to reflect and review your core values, as well as the goals you would like to achieve with friends, family, yourself and business.

After you have done the above, get a big piece of paper and get every thought regarding the future, event plans, possible events, the possible changes, and your visions out of your head and write them down. Break these thoughts down further, for example, do you want to see through one of these ideas, how would you do that, who needs to be involved, what changes might be required?

Then, get on a zoom call with someone you know that you can openly talk to and have honest conversations with. Chat to them about what it is you want the future to look like and they will most likely be able to get you thinking even more creatively by the questions that they will ask you, as well as pointing out some of the blocks that you may face.

And finally, create an actionable plan that you can work towards, including all of the aspects that might need revisiting to change once we have a clearer guideline on what the future looks like.

Don’t stop planning

There is no need to stop planning! Just because the future is a bit unclear at the moment, you can still easily figure out a plan on how to make your future what you want it to be.

For example, if you want to run an event that has aspects of meeting room bookings, accommodation, transportation, team building, private dinner etc you can still note down all of these different aspects, think about the suppliers, source costs, think about how social distancing and cleanliness will need to be incorporated and all tasks that need to be completed in order for your event to be a success.

Another example is if you want to start up your own event company. You might not feel comfortable taking the leap right now, but you can certainly brainstorm what you would want that company to look like, create a business plan, come up with your name, decide on your speciality and be ready to push it live when you feel comfortable doing so.


Once you have untangled and planned, put a firm action plan in place and hold yourself accountable to it!

Now, of course, there are going to be aspects that you cannot put into play until we have a clearer idea of the future, however, build these into your plans so that you can review them when the time is right. Set yourself deadlines, continue to remain motivated and, most importantly, be excited! Remember, the daily reviews within the Event Professionals Journal helps you to stay accountable and allows you to identify key tasks whilst also looking after yourself!

If you want to chat through any ideas or gain clarity on thoughts going around in your head, please feel free to book in a call with Bernadette. There are 15, 30, and 60 min consultation appointments available. Please enquire by emailing

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