Getting back into the swing of things!

Companies are already looking ahead by pinning down their 2021 event calendars and people are excited at the prospect of attending events again. How great is that? From going to such uncertainty to going to full speed ahead.

The question is, as an industry that is known for being one of the worst to work within in regard to individual’s wellbeing, how do we manage the shift we are experiencing, from going to time off back to full paced as we knew our life before?

I want to give you 3 tips to make sure that the industry can bounce back whilst ensuring that our wellbeing within our industry doesn’t take more of a hit.

Tip 1 – Reset your working routine

What an amazing opportunity we have to reset the way we work! We can all get into the habit of starting work early and finishing late, but we have luckily had the time to break that routine. We tend to put enormous amounts of pressure on ourselves to deliver results in the fastest way possible, and as such, we let our wellbeing take a hit.

Try to be strict with yourself on only working hours that are sustainable, that won’t burn you out or damage relationships outside of work.

Working to a stricter routine within work means that you can create time in your day that is just for you, whether it is having your morning coffee in peace, reading or journaling. Make sure that you still keep that time for you that you have hopefully enjoyed during lockdown.

Start as you mean to go on!

Tip 2 – Work smarter

Research we carried out showed that 79% feel overwhelmed by their workload, and other research carried out shows that event professionals are only productive on an average of 3-4 hours each day. So why not work smarter and increase our productivity.

This helps with your working routine too. If you can work smarter and increase your productivity, then simple maths will show that you won’t need to work as many hours, and therefore you can maintain a sustainable working routine.

It is simple to do this by making process changes, streamlining certain aspects of your job and evaluating how you spend your time. A great exercise to kick start this is to keep a diary for one working week and, and the end, tally up how much time you spend on certain tasks. It is eye opening!

Tip 3: And perhaps the most obvious, get yourself an Event Professionals Journal!

The whole reason the Event Professionals Journal was born is because I suffered a burn out. I started journaling, and naturally, it was more specific to event professionals. I recommended to some of my peers in the industry to try out the same method, as it made a huge difference to me, and I am delighted to say it helped them too! From that, it turned into something that is now available to all event professionals.

There are many wellbeing benefits to using the journal, but the one I want to focus on right now is the productivity increase it provides. I think this is key on our return to work so that our work life balance is maintained. On average the Event Professionals Journal increases productivity by 22.5% every day and it only takes 2 minutes of your time to complete – I usually do it when the kettle is boiling for my morning cup of tea!

If any of you reading this are managers of event teams or event businesses, there are a range of things we can look at to ensure that your staff are looked after for when they return to work. We have already been working with a range of event companies so that they can gift each member of staff with an Event Professionals Journal so that it is clear from the get-go that they are aware of their wellbeing coming back to work. If this is of interest to you then give me a shout!

You can view the Event Professionals Journal here.

There is a wealth of opportunity out there for how we manage our own wellbeing and it is fully within our control.

As I always say – take care of you, have fun, and enjoy the journey!


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