Frequently asked questions

Why is this different to a do list, whiteboard, diary or notepad?

Because it is not any of those things!

We all use to do lists, whiteboards, notepads etc to prioritise our day, and we are by no means trying to replace those.

This is a wellbeing journal, to help you reflect, refocus and reenergise, to ensure that you are then in the best position to plough through that to do list!

It is something to complete before opening up that notepad or laptop.

How does journaling help with mental health, wellbeing, stress & depression?

Journaling has a huge amount of positive benefits to it. It helps to control symptoms of stress, anxiety and pressure by providing an opportunity for reflection and planning.

Reflective handwriting activities large regions of the brain responsible to thinking and healing, as well as making you think in a more positive light.

How is this different to other journals on the market?

There are many journals & planners out there as we all know. However, there is no other journal on the market specific for event professionals.

There is enough evidence out there to show that the event industry comes with its own unique challenges, which is why we believe there is a strong need to have a journal tailored to us.

Why should I use the Event Professionals Journal?

When there is something out there that will improve your wellbeing, work life balance, productivity, focus and more, why wouldn’t you give it a go?

See the event professionals journal as something that will make such a huge difference in your life that will provide you back with so a lot in return for spending just a couple of minutes each day putting yourself first.

What makes the Event Professionals Journal specific to event professionals?

The journal was naturally created for an Event Professional to use, meaning that it is tailored to our industry.

There are many parts within the journal that directly tackle the areas we most struggle with, such as encouraging improving work life balance, stress levels, celebrating achievements and increasing productivity.

Is the Event Professionals Journal good value for money?

It equates to under £1 per week, which is a very small drop in the ocean considering what you get in return – a better, healthier, happier life!

The Event Professionals Journal is a high quality item. It is made to be durable, long lasting, and to travel around with us wherever we go! It is thread bound to ensure pages don’t fall out due to the daily opening of the journal. This means that costs to produce this product are higher then for example a soft back paper book.

Who is this journal for?

This solution is for any person within the events industry!

Why is the Event Professionals Journal a physical product & not technology based?

Handwriting is shown to make us think in a more positive light. It activates large regions of the brain that are responsible for thinking and healing.

As event professionals, we spend a long time on technology doing our job. Changing that up and using a self-care tool that is not app based has many benefits such as improving positivity, productivity and focus.

How does the journal help with both personal & work life?

The exercises within the journal have been developed to improve both your personal and work life.

This has been done in order to help improve work life balance which currently only 4% of event professionals feel they have!

It makes you think about what you can do for yourself on a regular basis to help encourage you to put yourself first.

Why is the Event Professionals Journal a good self-care tool?

It doesn’t take up too much time, but is effective enough to make a real difference to your wellbeing.

The exercises within the journal have been thoroughly researched to ensure that it has the greatest positive impact on your life.

Why should I consider gifting this to my team?

Event companies are using this journal as an opportunity to show their employees they want to encourage a good culture within their company and support the wellbeing of their staff.

This is something completely different to what they will be used to receiving, which also has a huge emotional benefit to it.

For new staff, it is a lovely onboarding gift, instead of the normal branded pen and notebook!

What is your minimum order number for a bespoke print for my company?

150 is our minimum order number for a bespoke print. This means you can have your own cover design, logo included, your own personalised welcome page – whatever you want!

Lead time is between 4-6 weeks.

To receive a quote, please contact us.

What is your company vision?

This is something we are very passionate and clear about, our company vision is to improve the wellbeing of all event professionals.

What inspired you to design & publish the event professionals journal?

Bernadette is an event professional and after going through the ups and downs that events come with, she needed a solution myself to look after her own wellbeing.

She created this method of journaling which was naturally tailored to the events industry, and because it made such a huge difference, she decided to turn it into a solution available for any event professional.

Where can I purchase the Event Professionals Journal?

You can purchase the Event Professionals Journal here.

Where can you ship to?

We can ship worldwide. If your country is not listed within the shipping zones, please notify us.

If your query is not answered here, please contact us.