About the Event Professionals Journal

Nothing else matters if we fail to look after ourselves. The Event Professionals Journal is designed help you put yourself first, gain perspective, recognise achievements, manage priorities, improve focus, excel your productivity, track your mood and enables you to be accountable for your own wellbeing. 

Enabling a happier, healthier life, it provides you back with valuable hours to spend as you wish. The journal has been designed to inspire, motivate, and prevent those dreaded effects of stress. 

It is the only journal on the market designed for event professionals.

How it helps you

The Event Professionals Journal enables you to manage your mental health, assisting in preventing burn outs. It helps to restore work life balance giving you back on average 9 hours a week, improves productivity and focus to stop that feeling of guilt and lack of achievement, as well as making sure you focus on yourself at the same time.


Considering we work on average 1.5 days more each week than the average person, the Event Professionals Journal helps to significantly improve our work life balance, of which only 4% of event professionals feel they have. 

The Event Professionals Journal provides you with, on average, 9 hours back each week with the productivity increase it provides, reported by users of the journal. What would you do with 9 hours back every week?

Equipping all event professionals with the tool they need to improve their wellbeing.

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