We help you improve your wellness, productivity and work life balance 

through a method specific to Event Professionals.

The Event Professionals Journal

Sadly, those who work within events are listed within the top 5 most stressful jobs, reported by Forbes, and only 4% of us feel we have work life balance. 

The Event Professionals Journal is designed specially for event professionals due to the direct pressures we face. It enables you to:

  • Manage your stress levels

  • Assist you with your motivation

  • Put yourself first

  • Gain perspective 

  • Recognise achievements

  • Manage priorities 

  • Improve focus

  • Track your mood

  • Set goals 

  • Increases your productivity with an average increase of 22.5% (reported by users of the journal) 

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Bespoke 1-1 program directly with Bernadette, to plan your goals, future ideas or untangle your thoughts and ideas.

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The story behind the Event Professionals Journal

Hey, I'm Bernadette Palombo, Founder of Salone Events and The Event Professionals Journal. I get asked a lot about how this began, so here is the story...


started journaling a few years back as my wellbeing was taking a hit due to the pressures that the industry comes with. 

IBTM World 2019 announced a new program, the EBA. I floated the idea of if my method of journaling could be a contribution towards solving the wellbeing crises we have in our industry. After carrying out research into how our industry effects our wellbeing, I submitted my idea to IBTM and I was ecstatic to get the call to say I was a finalist.

IBTM provided a mentor for all 10 finalists ready for the live "pitch" at IBTM World and this is when I launched the Event Professionals Journal. I was mentored by the most incredible lady, Ingrid Rip, of who I owe a lot to. 

The Event Professionals Journal has helped my peers within the industry which makes me so happy. I have been given amazing opportunities to speak at events, host workshops and be a guest on podcasts and I will continue to do my bit to make people happier whenever I can!

Take care of you, have fun, and enjoy the journey.



What do our customers say?

"This is the perfect tool to help combat stress, assist professionals to stay focused and remain in control. I would recommend it to anyone in the industry" Ricky Knight, Pickled Egg

"A very useful tool to remind us that in order to deliver our best work we need to invest in our mental wellbeing"Lizzy Eaton, Oddity Events

"Consider this small investment into a great resource" Jason Allan Scott, Event Professionals and Author


Results reported by users of the journal, the Event Professionals Journal increases productivity by 22.5% every day and focus by 20%

Equipping all event professionals with the tool they need to improve their wellbeing.

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